Are you from Port Elizabeth, Pretoria or Oudtshoorn?


I have set up three basic websites for PE, Pretoria and Oudtshoorn, forerunners of the Kehilalink websites.

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These websites celebrate and document the Jews of these cities from its pioneers, through the families who lived and worked in these cities over the decades to those still there today. It will tell the story of the Jewish institutions, the shuls and other Jewish buildings and  cemeteries.

The site is hosted by the Jewish Genealogical Society. It is managed by Eli Rabinowitz

Please join us on this journey – and if you or your family have connections  with these cities then we look forward to hearing from you and receiving your stories, memories, photographs and family biographies. Only by doing so, will the story of Jewish life will be revealed and available for the benefit of current and future generations – wherever they may be. We have made a start in July 2014 and created the possibility – now please will you help to fill in the details by telling us about your family.

Time is of the essence as the number of those that can “tell the story” and the remaining community dwindles.  So please contact me to send material and for any queries.

Here are the links:

Port Elizabeth



Please send in your photos and stories and fill in the questionnaires


To see a working kehilalink, visit Kimberley:

Thanks again to Geraldine Auerbach MBE in London, who has been an inspiring partner in the Kimberley kehilalink project.

Those from Kimberley, please send us your photos and stories as well.



3 Replies to “Are you from Port Elizabeth, Pretoria or Oudtshoorn?”

  1. Dear Eli,

    Not the greatest quality but here goes,

    1] Jewish kids from all over the Western Cape at Worcester Rally I think about 1954.

    2] My Grandfather’s first shop in Worcester early 1900.

    3] Same but the first move guessing about 1915.

    4] There is a shop they moved to missing but this one could be about 1926 and there was one more move in about 1951 where we bought a building and eventually sold the business to American Swiss in 1968 when we left for Cape Town.

    5] The Oudtshoorn Rally in 1955. Solly Berger top left 4th from left side. I am 5th from the right at the top as well.

    6] This is David Kramer and his Mother the entertainer who were our close friends, his Grandfather was Jewish.

    7] My Dad Harry Bloch after he came back from active service in 1945.

    8] General Smuts on a visit to Worcester with my uncle Nahum Bloch at his feet.

    9] My Grandfather and his family he was named after the Czar Alexander called Sender hence the shop S.Bloch and Sons, my Dad was the small one in front on the left then Rachel [Shandling] Bloch, Sender, Nathan [Drowned in the Berg river while they lived in Paarl], Mina [Yankeliwtz] Bloch, Lazarus who took over the first shop in Paarl when the rest of the family moved to Worcester, Nahum.

    10] A uniform made for me by my Aunt Rachel Shandling and Anne [Shandling] Alhadeff’s mother.

    11] Hymie Anne’s brother who still lives in Toronto and Anne Alhadeff

    I can find more photos if you want just suggest what type you are looking for.

    Did you recognize anyone here Eli?

    Thanks for the Disk


  2. Hi Eli
    I am Bernard Bloch’s cousin and my father was Nahum bloch, whom Bernard mentioned.
    I was born in Worcester in 1941. Sender Bloch ( Alexander)
    was my grandfather as well as Bernard’s.
    I am not sure what kind of family history you are after, but I too have interesting stories to relate about my family, as well as old photographs
    If you are interested, please do let me know.
    We left South Africa in 1998, and now reside in canberra Australia.
    Bernard Bloch passed away suddenly in Perth in 2014.

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