Memories of Muizenberg is all set for Melbourne

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The Memories of Muizenberg Exhibition is coming to Australia,

starting in Melbourne on 1 December.

Muizenberg Google Map

Location:   Latitude: 34° 7′ 0″ S    Longitude: 18° 28′ 0″ E

14 miles or 22.53 Kilometers from Cape Town


The wonderful history and life of the Muizenberg Jewish Community.

Melbourne: Central Shul, Caulfield     1 – 15 December 2013

Sydney: B’nai B’rith East Sydney        9 – 28 February 2014

Kehillat Masada, St Ives    March 2014

Perth: Chabad, Noranda   April 2014



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The Melbourne venue is the beautiful new Melbourne Central Shul in South Caulfield.

My talks at the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society in Sydney and Melbourne
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New Lublin Kehilalink

I visited Lublin in May this year.


This week I added Lublin to my collection of kehilalinks which I have created for, based in New York.

A kehilalink is a set of webpages about a Jewish community, which contains information, photos, stories or memoirs, written by volunteers. Lublin is the latest of the twelve kehilalinks I have written. The next is Shanghai

For the full list, visit:

Memorial to the synagogue of the Maharshal, Shlomo Luria


The connection to the Maharshal

Relationship Chart Rabinowitz, Eli Moses :Luria, Shlomo, Maharshal

A visit to Majdanek,  a mere 5km from the town!



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Alternate names: Lublin [Pol, Yid], Lyublin [Rus]

Coordinates:  51°15′ N, 22°34′ E

Jewish Population in  1897 was 23586 and in 1939 was 42830

Major city, 96 miles 154 km SE of Warsaw

The Lublin Yeshiva


1.Images for Jewish Lublin, Poland


Żydowski Lublin – History of Lublin Jews

Lublin – The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe

A model of the Maharshal Synagogue at the Grodzka Gate NN Theatre

Grodzka Gate 1