Last Week in Perth – a Mixed Bag

A Night at the WA Symphony

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The last movement from Brahms Symphony No 3 – Chicago Symphony

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From the West Australian

Fisch 2


Sunday afternoon at the WA Art Gallery


The Program


From the MOMA Exhibition


Aboriginal Art


Some Australian Art


Farewell to Shmuli Rutman – our chazzan over the Yomtavim, on his way back to Golder’s Green. London.

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Listen to Shmuli and Dylan’s duet from the Kedushah

Some Connections to Rabbi Mirvis’s Installation

The Installation of Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis as Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth took place at St John’s Wood United Synagogue, London on Sunday 1 September 2013,  26th Elul 5773

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As a mishpachologist, I like to make connections!

The Ein Keloheinu sung at the installation was composed by my dad’s cousin, Zvi Talmon (Monsohn) a”h who passed away last December, in Israel. Dr. Talmon was the conductor of the Hechal Shlomo Choir and a long time congregant in that Synagogue. His compositions are known worldwide and his books are well known in the world of Jewish Liturgical Music.

With Cantors Naftali HershtikMoshe Stern and Elli Jaffe, Dr. Talmon started a school that teaches and preserves the tradition of the Cantorial arts. The school operated out of the Hechal Shlomo for three years, before moving to Tel Aviv in 1987.

Relationship Chart Eli Moses Rabinowitz:Zvi  Talmon

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Rabbi Dovid Freilich of Perth, Australia represented  the Commonwealth rabbis at Chief Rabbi Mirvis’s installation.


Here, Rabbi Freilich is in unusual surrounds – one month ago, officiating at a wedding on Wolf island off Vancouver Island, BC in Canada.

Rabbi Freilich handles each simcha very differently – on this occasion, making most of the environment and enjoying his role as Chief Rabbi of this small island in Canada.



Talking about Chief Rabbis, this is then Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks with me and Rabbi Phillip Heilbrunn in Melbourne in 2012

We dress far more casually, Downunder!



The full video of Rabbi Mirvis’s installation can be viewed here.


Shana Tova to all my friends.