Genealogy and Religion

Rabbi uses Genealogy in his Shabbat Drosha.

Rabbi Liebenberg of the Claremont Synagogue, Cape Town, South Africa, has used our Rabinowitz family genealogy and specifically my grandfather, as the theme of his Claremont Wynberg Good Shabbos Drosha.


My grandfather, Rev Nachum Mendel Rabinowitz, was born in Orla, near Bialystok in Poland in 1887. Orla was part of the Grodno Guberna. Records of Orla can be found in the archives in Grodno, Belarus.


Nachum Mendel moved to South Africa from Palestine in 1911 and became a leading religious figure in Cape Town. He was known for his many roles at the Constitution St and Vredehoek shuls and also was the secretary of the Bikkur Cholim for 42 years. Records and articles about Nachum Mendel can be found at the National, Gitlin and Kaplan Libraries in Cape Town. 


To read the Rabbi’s inspiring Drosha, go to:

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Eli Rabinowitz
Perth, Australia



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