With a little help from family and friends

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Today I took s bus from Ra’anana to Jerusalem.  Chatted all the way to Eli from Long Is about Poland and Central Europe.
In Kiryat Moshe in Jerusalem i fortuitously bumped into my cousin Nachi.

Nachi helped me purchase a becher at Hazorfim, but we also had Jill, Dean, Les and Jons in Sydney help us via skype. It must must have been an unique sale for Hazorfim – having two groups in Jerusalem and Sydney discussing the options and deciding!

We then went to his apartment for lunch and met the family before going across to Feigele Gold and her family to look at photos of Orla and to talk about my visit there.



After returning to Ra’anana, Phillip, Rochelle and I had a delicious Israeli supper.




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