Ready for Roots 2 -Saturday, 28 April 2012

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Hi All

Roots 2 is about to take off.

For those of you who enjoyed last year’s blog, welcome back.


Where to go?

Come and join me for a month’s adventure starting tomorrow afternoon.

First stop??

Make sure I have checked the Weather Channel.



Which cameras, lenses, chargers, GPS to take?



Which computer? As long as it is an Apple product, it’s in the bag!



Make sure I have the correct cables and accessories! This trip is all about staying connected!

And I have someone to carry my bags this time!

But no books allowed, only Kindles.

See you at the airport!








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  1. <div dir="ltr"><div class="gmail_extra">great blog intro– have a great trip!!</div><div class="gmail_extra">Elissa<br><br></div></div>

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