Memories of Muizenberg Exhibition Coming To North America

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The Memories of Muizenberg Exhibition is now on its way to North America after a highly successful tour of Australia.

Its first stop will be Toronto, Canada, home to many ex South Africans.

We will release more details soon, so watch this space and the Muizenberg Kehilalink:

If you would like to see the exhibition in your city, please contact me at



Muizenberg Sydney


Muizenberg-Melbourne s


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Cape Town





2 Replies to “Memories of Muizenberg Exhibition Coming To North America”

  1. if you note my email address I believe I am the only person worldwide who uses this name as I loved every minute spent there from age 2 probably until today ie 70 years approx.
    I still have apartment there in balmoral flats acorss from beach where I enjoy my early am swims and when the sharks will allow me an afternoon swim as well
    my memories of muizenberg are the best I have and the good times spent there will remain with me until the end of my life
    I have always defended muizenberg sometimes heated arguments amongst my family and close friends even- who believe it has died long ago
    I have lived in cape town ,Durban and now boca raton florida usa and nowhere have I enjoyed swimming more than muizenberg ever ever !!!!!
    whilst I spend most of my time in the usa where we lived for last 25 years -we hve been back every year except possibly one to muizenberg for the summer months which is unbeatable even compared to south of france and spain where we have visited quite often and when diving into the sea -have often hit my head on rocks in these countries and will not spend time there again
    worth the long trip to cape town where all my family still reside

    Herschel and pam gelbart
    still member of the shul there and often sang in the choir in high season which always was an honour

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