Last Day Israel – 22 May 13

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Tel Aviv

Thanks to my nephew Eytan Katz who shlepped me around the countryside!

I met Orna Bird who made the delightful film about Tzoref and organised the 200th anniversary celebrations in 2011

See the trailer and read about Tzoref on the Kedainiai Kehilalink

Then a lightning visit to say goodbye to my family at Gan Yavne near Ashdod

Gan Yavne

We met Chani Levene and her husband Yechezkel at Bar Ilan University where she teaches. Chani gave us a lovely tour.

Chani’s grandfather was the famous Rabbi Aryeh Levin, who was born in Orla, Poland, the same town as my Zaida, Nachum Mendel Rabinowitz.

Aryeh and Nachum Mendel were related, we think cousins. See:

Aryeh Levine

Then off to Ra’anana. Bumped Evan Newman at the Canyon


Then gave my talk to the IGRA, the Israel Genealogical Research Association at Beit Fischer. It was well and enthusiastically attended.

Saw some familiar faces.

Afterwards met up with Dorit & Avigdor Lichtenstein in K’far Sava. Dorit has been Jill’s pen pal for 45 years. They have met a handful of times.



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