Jewish Doornfontein – Part 3

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From the past when it was the Great Synagogue:


My thanks to Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft for giving me the book he compiled which included the above article.




A sound clip of Chief Rabbi Louis Rabinowitz, showing his style of oratory. It was part of the toast he made to our Rabinowitz family at my sister, Sorrel Rabinowitz and Gidon (Clive) Katz’s wedding in 1961. Here is the Chief Rabbi making the point that we were not related, and so aren’t most Rabinowitzes!

Louis Rabinowitz 1

The book about Rabbi L I Rabinowitz written by my late cousin, Rabbi Gerald Mazabow z”l

The Great Synagogue, Wolmarans Street is today The Revelation Church of God.


We continue on Ishvara Dhyan’s Walking Tour of Doornfontein;

On the outside:


The scenes inside



Some video footage of the remarkable scenes around and inside the building:







Marc Latilla’s excellent work on the old suburbs of Johannesburg.


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