Istanbul 2 – 24 May 13

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Send your passport details to the Turkish Jewish Security at least a week before your visit. You will be given an appointment time.

Mehmet’s driver takes me to the Ahrida Synagogue.

I walk to the Jewish Museum, some distance away near the Galata Tower.

Jewish Museum Istanbul

The Jewish Museum which I visited two years ago

The short walk to the Ashkenazi Synagogue where I meet Rabbi Aaron Edili


Walking around the Galata area

Across the bridge to the Golden Horn

The Spice Market, the Grand Bazaar and surrounds.

Grand Bazaar

My first visit to a Turkish Bath!


The walk around the Golden Horn, back to Taksim and the Metro to Kanyon

The driver takes me to Mehmet’s place at Kemer Country where I meet my other Turkish second cousins at a barbie.

Ahmet and Pinar – Mehmet’s brother and wife whom I met in 2011.

Cihad and Seda

Haluk and Sena

They were delightful and it was a lovely fun evening.

I discover that Cihad and Seda have a daughter, Selen, doing her post doc in Neuroscience at the UNSW in Sydney.


Mehmet’s intro


The next morning – delicious breakfast with Mehmet and Billur before leaving for London


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