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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk in Claremont shul last week. One of the pictures you showed was of Jerry Zinn’s Barmitvah in 1953. In that picture I recognised Lola & Tilly Zinn, my neighbours in Claremont in ’50s. Is it possible to e mail me a copy of that picture?

    Many thanks,

    Mel Goott

  2. Thank you for your combined work that has “built” this web site and its diverse content! Perhaps some of your readers may be interested in the network below?

    Brian Zakem co-leads an interreligious coalition, centered in Chicago, made up of individuals throughout the U.S.A. the “Independent Middle Europe Interreligious Network (IMEIN)”. We are committed to support/ally with similar like minded/devoted individuals, whose ancestors did or currently live in the modern nations, historically part of the early modern, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Our network is centered in Chicago, Illinois, with affiliates throughout the United States. The network is reachable for exploring vision and mission in common at and 708-799-3374. We are particularly dedicated in supporting middle Europe in its work of building and sustaining more inclusive, democratic institutions, complemented by doing the same for their civic society.

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